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Vaginal orgasm ‘doesn’t exist’, researchers argue – NHS Choices

Vaginal orgasm 'doesn't exist', researchers argueNHS Choices"There is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm," says the Mail Online, in a story that suggests some women have been diagnosed with sexual disorders based on the "myth" that they can orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone. The news comes from a review …and more »

Martha Stewart sex tip: ‘Always take a bath’ – USA TODAY

USA TODAY Martha Stewart sex tip: 'Always take a bath'USA TODAYOver the past few decades, she's helped decorate our private spaces, from bathroom to bedroom. So, of course, it makes sense that Martha Stewart would offer the most personal kind of advice. "Always take a bath before and after," she tells a poster In …Here… Read More »

11 of the worst Cosmo sex tips of all time [NSFW] – Daily Caller

11 of the worst Cosmo sex tips of all time [NSFW]Daily CallerSometimes, Cosmopolitan has good sex tips for women. But more often than not, Cosmopolitan has very, very bad sex tips for women. I've often wondered if Cosmo staffers sit around their newsroom thinking of the most absurd things that two people could …

What Comes After The Twink? – The Awl

The Awl What Comes After The Twink?The Awl“We like to think that what makes the Twink so attractive is that, along with youth, he retains a certain sense of wonder, enthusiasm and enjoyment in his new found gayness,” explains Dan Anderson's really not very good Sex Tips For Gay Guys, before …

Love: What’s the point? – UC Berkeley (blog)

Love: What's the point?UC Berkeley (blog)“Valentine's Day is a commercial sham!” said one friend. “Valentine's Day propaganda is everywhere!” said another. “Heterosexist!” cried a commentator on our Facebook page. Lots of people hate Valentine's Day. For some very good reasons: It is …and more »

Sex Expert Ian Kerner With Marlo Thomas – Huffington Post

Huffington Post Sex Expert Ian Kerner With Marlo ThomasHuffington PostThis week on Mondays With Marlo, sex expert and sexuality counselor Ian Kerner sat down with me to answer your questions about what goes on behind the bedroom door. Ian shared his thoughts on everything from experimentation to increasing your libido …and more »

The Rules of a Three-Way – Huffington Post (satire) (blog)

The Rules of a Three-WayHuffington Post (satire) (blog)WHAT? UH? Oh sorry, I fell asleep. Life is so much easier when you're asleep. This week's question is brought to you by Rob Fee. Dear, Amber: First off, I love your stuff. Very insightful. My question is this: what are the rules of a three-way? I've …