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Behold: Cosmo’s 65 Best Sex Tips Ever – (blog) (blog) Behold: Cosmo's 65 Best Sex Tips (blog)For something that's been around forever, there seems to be a never-ending curiosity gap about sex. Are we all doing it? And if so, how often? And are we doing it correctly? Are what else is there to try? Of course, as long as it's consensual,… Read More »

6 Ways Martha Stewart Is Staying Relevant – Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur 6 Ways Martha Stewart Is Staying RelevantEntrepreneurMartha Stewart is no millennial, but she knows more about drones than do most 20-year-olds in America. The celebrated entrepreneur, who has served everything from pancakes to prison time in her years as America's domestic diva, has always found a way …and more »

8 Crazy-Good Sex Tips From ‘Scandal’ – StyleCaster

StyleCaster 8 Crazy-Good Sex Tips From 'Scandal'StyleCasterFact: The characters on “Scandal” don't typically exemplify what it means to be in strong, functional relationships—or even, ya know, what it means to have moral standards. That said, they can definitely teach us a spicy—or, dare we say, scandalous …

Vaginal orgasm ‘doesn’t exist’, researchers argue – NHS Choices

Vaginal orgasm 'doesn't exist', researchers argueNHS Choices"There is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm," says the Mail Online, in a story that suggests some women have been diagnosed with sexual disorders based on the "myth" that they can orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone. The news comes from a review …and more »

Martha Stewart sex tip: ‘Always take a bath’ – USA TODAY

USA TODAY Martha Stewart sex tip: 'Always take a bath'USA TODAYOver the past few decades, she's helped decorate our private spaces, from bathroom to bedroom. So, of course, it makes sense that Martha Stewart would offer the most personal kind of advice. "Always take a bath before and after," she tells a poster In …Here… Read More »