Investment from being a London escorts

By | July 17, 2019

When I worked for London escorts, I tried to save as much money as possible. Yes, I did buy a little flat in London, but it was only an one-bedroom flat. I needed a bolt hole where I could go after I had worked out all night. The rest of the money I earned at London escorts, is saved up as I was not sure how I wanted to spend it, and what I wanted to spend it on.


After about 7 years, I was ready to give up working for the best escorts in London and embark on the rest of my life. I was not sure what I wanted to do at all, but I did know that I wanted to kind of relaunch my life. Moving out to the country was a dream of mine, or living on the coast. In the end, I found myself a little part time job so I could avoid touching my London escorts earnings, but still keep the wolf from the door. I loved my little job, but making my mind up where to live was not easy.


One of my former dates at London escorts, had bought a house in Bexhill-On-Sea in East Sussex, and invited me down for the weekend. I immediately liked the place, and it was not a million miles away from London. If I wanted to see my friends at London escorts, I could easily pop into London, and I could always work in London during the week, and spend the weekends in Bexhill. Before I knew it, I spent most weekends in Bexhill property hunting.


After about two months, I found the perfect property for me. It was a three-bedroom cottage which needed some love, but I could afford to both buy it and restore it. I eagerly put in an offer and got it complete with a fully stocked cottage garden. I was so excited and invited my former and the best escorts in London girls down for a girlie party. We had a great time, and the girls fell in love with this rather quiet sea side resort. Of course, it helped that my former London escorts date lived in Bexhill as well.


Six months later, my cottage was ready for me to move into. I could not wait, and on the day I moved in, my former London escorts date, brought around the most delicious Victoria sponge cake. We sat in the garden, enjoyed the cake and a visit from a very nosy robin. It sorted of completed the picture of domestic bliss. Today, I am living in the cottage and renting out my flat in London. I am enjoying a new lease of life, and have taken up a hobby. To be fair, I had never seen myself as an artist, but I love it. What happened to my gent? He is still hanging around, but we are just good friends… well, kind of that is. The less said about that the better, but he is a special man in my life.

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