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By | September 22, 2019

I love geeks, and all of my favorite dates at Soho escorts of are complete geeks. Some of the girls that I’m a bit nuts, but there is something special about geeks. They are a little bit shy, and at the same time, they really can be rather exciting to be with. I think that many of the geeks that I date at the local escort agency get many of their ideas from the video games that they are into. I don’t mind them and I find them very adventurous dates.


Another thing that I really like about geeks is that they are very generous. Most of the geeks that I meet at Soho escorts like to spoil you rotten. When I first started to date geeks, I did not expect them to be so adventurous but they truly are exciting to be with, and they give me lots of nice little presents. One guy is always buying me bags and he knows that I have a real passion for collecting hand bags. I love it and I do feel that I am being spoiled by them.



Do geeks take you out? Well, the geeks that I have met at Soho escorts do like taking you out, but they never go to really posh restaurants. Most of business functions dates like to meet up with you again, but they always insist on taking you to posh restaurants. I am not sure what I prefer but I do like to go out to places like TGI Friday and other chain restaurants as well. One of the benefits is that you can have a bit more fun there, and be a bit less formal.


If I had my way at Soho escorts, I would turn myself into a specialist in geeks. They are so exciting to be with, and on top of that, they are so playful. I hate dating boring men, and my geeks are always coming up with new ideas. Most of the geeks that I date at the agency are successful businessmen in their own right. The difference is that they do not make a big deal about it at all and I have to say that I prefer it that way. Bragging is not attractive and does not turn me on at all. It is certainly one of the reasons that I like to date geeks so much.


Would I like to marry a geek? Most of the girls here at Soho escorts would not like to marry a geek I think, but I would certainly like to. I think that many of the geeks that I know from the escort agency would make excellent husbands and love to look after you and a family. Are you ready to settle down? If you are ready to settle down with a husband and start a family, maybe you should look out for a geek. When I am ready to get married, that is what I am going to do and I am sure I will have a great time.

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